Whole Exome Analysis

One of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to screen disease associated genes.
Most individuals carry between 1 and 3 genetic changes that can lead to disease in themselves or their children. Understanding your genes can guide you and your doctors to choose the most effective measures to keep you healthy.

Uncompromised performance.

Through the whole exome sequencing, we provide an AI-powered genetic analysis of nearly 20,000 genes and more than 7,000 rare genetic conditions that are known to medicine.
If your test is negative, we are committed to reanalyze your data periodically for life to account for newly discovered genes and diseases until a diagnosis is established.

Ending the Diagnostic Odyssey.

On average, it takes 7 to 8 years to diagnose rare genetic diseases. By the time the diagnosis is reached, the health of these patients has greatly deteriorated.
Testing all known genes for all known genetic conditions all at once is the quickest and most effective way to establish the diagnosis in a timely manner.

Who should consider the Whole Exome Analysis?

  • Patients with symptoms that are broad, complex, or non-specific, not pointing towards a specific disease or phenotype
  • Patients with conditions affecting multiple body organs and systems (i.e., multi-system disease)
  • Children affected with severe conditions that presented in the neonatal or childhood period
  • Children with neurodevelopmental delay and failure to growth
  • Children affected with pediatric cancers
  • Patients suspected of having a genetic condition where a disease-specific genetic test is not available
  • Patients suspected of having a genetic condition where prior targeted genetic tests were inconclusive
  • Disease-free individuals with two or more family members affected with broad, complex, or unspecific symptoms
  • Disease-free individuals who want to understand their genetic risk for more than 6,000 diseases and what can be done to prevent them
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    MyChildCare is designed to test the known genes for the known genetic diseases all at once, thus representing the quickest and most effective way to establish the diagnosis.


    MyExomeCare provides an unparalleled cost-effective way to diagnose genetic diseases that occur in adults such as those affecting the heart, the kidneys, and the brain.