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Last Updated: September 1, 2022

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing is a type of medical test that identifies changes in genes, chromosomes, or proteins. The results of a genetic test can confirm or rule out a suspected genetic condition or help determine a person’s chance of developing or passing on a genetic disorder.

What are the benefits of genetic testing?

Genetic testing has potential benefits whether the results are positive or negative for a gene mutation. Test results can provide a sense of relief from uncertainty and help people make informed decisions about managing their health care. For example, a negative result can eliminate the need for unnecessary checkups and screening tests in some cases. A positive result can direct a person toward available prevention, monitoring, and treatment options. Some test results can also help people make decisions about having children. Genetic screening can identify genetic disorders early in life so treatment can be started as early as possible.

What kind of genetic testing is being done at Enigma Genomics?

There are several types of genetic testing available out there. At Enigma Genomics, we perform a medical-grade genetic analysis that involves looking at genes that are fundamental to your health and well-being. Enigma Genomics genetic testing analyzes your genes to find changes that can potentially lead to disease, for which preventive measures can be implemented.

How do I get a genetic test through Enigma Genomics?

At Enigma Genomics, we essentially believe that patients should fully control their health and wellbeing. As such, you can order genetic analysis directly through the Enigma Genomics website. Once the order has been placed, we will send you a kit that you can use to provide a DNA sample that we can use for the analysis. At the same time, our expert geneticists and genetic counselors will contact you to review your health conditions and the test your ordered. In 4-8 weeks’ time, you will receive a personalized report that you can share with your healthcare provider (if you wish).

As a healthcare provider, can I order genetic testing for my patients?

In addition to direct-to-patient testing, healthcare providers can initiate genetic testing for their patients by registering as providers and following the steps to order a test. For tests created this way, the results of the genetic analysis will be automatically shared with the ordering physician in addition to the patient who underwent the testing.

What can genetics tell me about specific diseases and conditions?

Genetic information can play an essential role in diagnosing inherited conditions, understanding unexplained symptoms, proactively preparing for the future, and planning for a healthy pregnancy. Finding the right genetic test depends on your medical and family histories, your current medical conditions, and the kinds of answers you and your healthcare provider seek. Talk to your doctor about what type of genetic testing may be right for you.

How will the privacy of my genetic test results be protected?

We at Enigma Genomics take the privacy of your genetic information very seriously and use the most stringent medical privacy policies and practices. This includes a multi-faceted approach to encrypt your personal and genetic data and making it impossible for your data to be accessed except by you and those authorized to analyze your data at Enigma Genomics. Enigma Genomics security practices meet and exceed the mandatory requirements of the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Where does Enigma Genomics operate?

Enigma Genomics is immensely proud to be fully owned and operated in Saudi Arabia. Our team has world-class experts in genomics, bioinformatics, machine learning, information technology, and business management who were trained at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and many others. As such, we have leveraged our extensive expertise in these domains and implemented an innovative end-to-end genetic data analysis and storage framework that utilizes various national infrastructure and management solutions and aligns closely with the Saudi National Vision 2030.

What is direct-to-consumer genetic testing?

Individuals interested in direct-to-consumer genetic testing do not need to go through a health care provider to obtain a test, but they can get it directly from the testing company. After undergoing direct-to-consumer genetic testing, people who test positive for a condition or are found to be at higher risk of developing a disorder are encouraged to follow-up with a genetic counselor or other health care provider.

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