Whole Genome Analysis

Introducing the most comprehensive genetic test on the market.
Only under 2% of the human genome is looked at using whole exome sequencing and other targeted tests. The whole genome sequencing test unlocks the remaining 98% of your genome and provides the most complete understanding of your genetic risk.

Unparalleled insight into your health.

Our whole genome sequencing uses advanced AI techniques to deliver precise and informative recommendations that aim to keep you healthy and reduce the risk of disease to the barest minimum as you navigate the journey of life.
With our regularly updated reports, your genetic data will be continuously reanalyzed to incorporate the emerging scientific knowledge and discoveries, highlighting our commitment to a life-long partnership.

Experience the Power of the Genome.

Up to 50% of the cases where no diagnosis was established using whole exome sequencing and other targeted genetic tests were solved using the whole genome sequencing approach.
In addition to analyzing all 20,000 genes commonly assessed by other genetic tests, Whole Genome Sequencing systematically screens 3,000,000,000 genetic letters for any disease-causing genetic variants.

Who should consider the Whole Genome Analysis?

  • Patients with complex diseases who underwent Whole Exome Sequencing with no diagnosis established.
  • Patients with symptoms that are broad, complex, or non-specific, not pointing towards a specific disease or phenotype
  • Children affected with severe conditions that presented in the neonatal or childhood period
  • Children with neurodevelopmental delay and failure to growth
  • Children affected with pediatric cancers
  • Patients suspected of having a genetic condition where a disease-specific genetic test is not available
  • Patients suspected of having a genetic condition where prior targeted genetic tests were inconclusive
  • Disease-free individuals with two or more family members affected with broad, complex, or unspecific symptoms
  • Disease-free individuals who want to understand their genetic risk for more than 6,000 diseases and what can be done to prevent them
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    MyChildCare+ is the ultimate tool to diagnose genetic diseases in children using whole genome sequencing which analyzes the human genome in its entirety.


    MyGenomeCare is the ultimate tool to understand your genetic information and obtain personalized recommendations to keep you healthy as you navigate the journey of life.