Simplified, just for you.

Choosing a genetic test that works for you can be an overwhelming process.

Therefore, we have designed well-rounded care packages tailored to address your needs and provide practical information about your health and disease.


MyCancerCare provides men and women more likely to develop cancers, other than breast and colon cancers, and those who have already developed the disease with personalized recommendations for cancer prevention and treatment.


MyReproductiveCare provides prospective couples and couples with affected children and those who have not had children with detailed recommendations on how to minimize the risk of having children with genetic diseases.


MyChildCare is designed to test the known genes and genetic conditions all at once, thus representing the quickest and most effective way to establish the diagnosis.


MyChildCare+ is the ultimate tool to diagnose genetic diseases in children using whole genome sequencing, which analyzes the human genome in its entirety.


MyExomeCare provides an unparalleled cost-effective way to diagnose adult-onset genetic diseases such as those affecting the heart (high cholesterolemia), the kidneys (kidney failure), and the brain (dementia).


MyGenomeCare is the ultimate tool to understand your genetic information and obtain personalized recommendations to keep you healthy as you navigate the journey of life.
Take action based on your DNA.