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Genetic testing can guide some of the most critical decisions in your patients’ lives. Enigma Genomics makes it easy.

Imagine what you could do for your patients with more insight.

There are many patients in your clinic who could benefit from genetic testing that can provide valuable information to guide their diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and overall clinical care. We’re here to help and facilitate.

"Genetic testing is useful in many areas of medicine and can change the medical care the patient and their family members receives."

- US Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Your patients. Your data. Your research.

Clinicians who work tirelessly to diagnose their patients should have the right to use these “interesting cases” in research. However, they are typically left out or only marginally acknowledged once they refer these cases for genetic testing.
Enigma Genomics not only links your patients and their data to your account, but it also processes their de-identified genetic data according to consent, research protocol, and ethical considerations, so they are ready for you to use in your research.
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Genetic testing is only a click away.

Our best-in-class providers’ portal allows you to initiate the process using your device. You only need to choose the genetic test you want to order for your patient and provide the patient’s contact information. We will take care of the rest for you.
Hereditary Cancer Panel

Hereditary Cancer Panel provides genetic insights for patients who developed cancer, have a family history of cancer, or want to assess their risk of future cancers.

Comprehensive Carrier Panel

Comprehensive Carrier Panel provides genetic insights for patients planning to get pregnant or are already pregnant and those with infertility or pregnancy loss.

Whole Exome Analysis

Whole Exome Analysis provides an exceptional ability to uncover the genetic causes of diseases that are difficult to diagnose in both children and adults.

Whole Genome Analysis

Whole Genome Analysis provides unparalleled ability to diagnose genetic diseases and solve cases where other genetic tests were negative or inconclusive.

Simple steps to order a genetic test on your patients.

Just a small saliva sample that can be collected at home!
Initiate the test order online

Using our secure portal, you can select the genetic test that suits your patient and provide the patient’s contact information.

Patient completes the registration and payment process

A link will be sent to your patient (via text and/or email) so that they can finish the registration process and provide additional clinical and payment information.

Patient provides a sample

After your patient finishes the registration process, a sample collection kit will be shipped to your patient, so they can provide a sputum sample while at home.

Clear and detailed test results

Four weeks after sending the sample, you and your patient will receive a comprehensive report for the genetic analysis results with clear recommendations.

Initiate the online test

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