Ending the diagnostic journey with the most sophisticated and comprehensive genetic tests on the market.

We provide AI-enabled genetic analysis of nearly 20,000 genes and more than 7,000 rare genetic conditions that are known to medicine.

Know about various health conditions due to genetic disorder.

One symptom, many potential diseases.

The etiology and manifestation of genetic diseases are complex. The symptoms could be similar while the conditions are different, or the conditions could be similar while the symptoms are different.
With advanced sequencing and artificial intelligence platforms, >99% of the protein-coding regions of the human genome are analyzed, and the genetic variants that show the highest association with the symptoms are interpreted, maximizing diagnostic yield.

Explore the potential genetic causes for your symptoms.

You want to know if your health issues are genetic in nature? Type in the main symptoms you are experiencing and explore the genetic conditions that may explain your ongoing symptoms. Here are some examples.

One gene, many impacted organs.

You had genetic testing and were identified to have a genetic change (also called variant) in a gene? Type the gene's name and start learning about that particular gene and the diseases it is associated with.

One disease, many affected organs.

Each disease has a broad spectrum of organs and organ systems involved. Some of these organs are involved early in the disease course, while others are affected late. Knowing the organs impacted by each disease can help physicians and patients to plan and implement preventive measures.

Explore organs & body systems affected by your disease.

You have been diagnosed with a medical condition, and you want to know the various organs involved in this disease? Type in the condition’s name and start learning now. See some examples of medical conditions you can explore: